How To Store Your Golf Cart During The Summer

Throughout the year, changing seasons or inclement weather requires the storage of golf carts for unpredictable amounts of time. These long periods of storage can negatively impact your golf cart’s batteries, but there are several steps you can take to ensure your batteries will power your golf cart for your next round of golf. It’s important to remember that all deep-cycle lead acid batteries will self-discharge when not in use for an extended period of time. Before putting your golf cart batteries in storage, be sure they are fully charged to maximize battery capacity and overall life. Storing discharged batteries may cause irreversible damage to your deep-cycle batteries.

Here is our step by step process to store your golf cart for the summer.

1. Charge Batteries Completely

a. Turn Key OFF and Remove Key

b. Make sure battery cables and connections are clean. If not, clean terminals with baking soda and wash off.

c. Disconnect all 12 volt accessories. This will keep accessories from pulling current and draining the battery water levels down.

2. Refill Water Levels

a. Refill water levels to 1/4" above plates, using DISTILLED WATER ONLY.

b. NOTE: Water should be added when golf cart is fully charged only. Electrolyte levels raise while charging so adding water prior to being fully charged can cause electrolyte to overflow.

3. Disconnect Battery Charger

a. Disconnect the battery charger from the AC outlet before unplugging from he cart.

4. Disconnect Main Positive and Negative Connections

a. Turns the tow switch to tow if you have one. If you can have someone charge the batteries and check the water levels once a month then do that and don't disconnect the main positive and negative cables.

b. Disconnect all connections coming to the main negative post. Its a good idea to tape this connections together so that you can easily find them when you go back to connect them months later.

c. Disconnect all connections coming to the main positive post. Again, tape them together so you can easily find them.

5. Lift Golf Cart Of The Floor

a. Jack up golf cart and put jack stands in the front and back area of golf cart. This last step will ensure that your tires don't get flat spots.

b. Do not engage the parking brake, but secure from rolling.

Always recharge your batteries before putting them back into service. For additional tips on battery maintenance, please call us at 760-325-0070 and we will be happy to assist you.

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